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Kingdom Authority

Hello Family!



As I walk this journey toward understanding who God is and his ultimate purpose for my life I will freely admit that I don’t know everything.  It is amazing that after reading familiar scriptures over the years you all of a sudden come to the revelation knowledge of God’s word.  This experience happened to me two weeks ago which spanned several days.  I’ve been studying on a topic entitled Kingdom Authority because I wanted to get a deeper understanding of how to command sickness to leave a body.  I’ve been saved for over sixteen years and I’ve heard different things in the Kingdom.  There is a song that says there is money in the Kingdom, peace in the Kingdom, and even love in the Kingdom.  These things are good, however the revelation of what the Kingdom really is and how it pertains to me (in application to divine healing) was not in my grasp . . . until now. 


I sat in on a sermon two Sunday’s ago when Pastor Ray Johnson (Calvary Revival Church-Peninsula, Newport News) gave a powerful sermon.  In his message he taught on exousia power.   I thought, “I’ve never heard of that before, is it like dunamis?”   The next day I looked up the Greek word exousia from, an on-line Bible study guide (an excellent resource).



Translated words include: authority, jurisdiction, liberty, right, strength and power. 



Translated words include:  ability, meaning, mightily, mighty, miracle, miraculous powers, strength, wealth, and power.


I looked up every scripture in the New Testament where these words were used.  The discovery as astonishing, so much so that it was a good thing I came to this revelation sitting down. 



Dunamis means power in ability.  That is good, because you know that as a believer you have the ability to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.  You don’t need to run from one healing conference to another, sowing money you don’t have expecting to pay for a healing.


Exousia means power of authority over rank and territories.  The context of exousia was used in reference to angles, demons, and legions of men.  When Jesus communicated with demons, He didn’t ask, he commanded.  A general doesn’t make small talk with a lower rank officer.  He SPEAKS and his men move to his orders.  Jesus has power over the heavens, earth, and hell.  In the Great Commission, Jesus transferred authority and power to preach the Good News, heal the sick, and have rule over demons to the disciples.  As a believer and baptized by the Holy Spirit, we have the same authority and power that Jesus had on earth.  Exousia power gives every believer authority over demons!




The reason why believers don’t walk in Kingdom Authority is that they are bound by manipulating spirits through poisonous relationships.  Manipulation is a form of witchcraft, with its source being from satan.



We are to ASK Jesus, SERVE man, and COMMAND demons.




With this revelation knowledge, my life has been transformed. I read my Bible as one who has Kingdom Authority.  I know what I’m authorized to do and who I can command.   I continue to evaluate my relationships (including family) to identify any manipulating spirits.


Take some time to review the difference between dunamis and exousia.  In my opinion, I want exousia power!






Jesus the Healer, by E.W. Kenyon

Seductions Exposed:  The Spiritual Dynamics of Relationships, by Gary L. Greenwald

The Tongue:  A Creative Force, by Charles Capps



  1. Hi and God Bless all of you there Just wanted to say that. Pray for our country, Obama needs prayer, I dont think he is a saved person.

  2. Barak Obama is now our President-Elect. As our new leader we should pray for him, his family and his leadership team.

    My prayer request for President-Elect Obama:
    – He and his family are safe and any deviant plans are exposed.
    – His leadership team is saved and prays for him AND with him.
    – His decisions are best for the country.
    – He wins favor with world leaders, seeking peace although they may agree to disagree.
    – Under his leadership the intelligence community works more efficient to detect and stop any terrorist attacks against Americans domestic and abroad.
    – He forms bi-partisian teams to move toward solving the economic crisis.
    – Judicial nomications selected are good ones.

    My prayer for America is that they look to Jesus as the Messiah and not a man as a messiah.

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