Posted by: ucanwalkonwater | June 21, 2008

Healing in the Atonement as Demonstrated in Communion (Intro)

Calling all students of the Bible.  Can you answer a question for me?


Why isn’t healing taught during Communion service?


In nearly every Communion service I’ve attended, the congregation was taught about how the blood of Jesus was shed for the remission of sin.  We are reminded to evaluate ourselves regarding sin and unforgiveness before partaking in Communion.  We are reminded to never take Communion unworthily.   Should we discern ourselves regarding sickness like we discern ourselves regarding sin? 


Jesus’ body was broken for our healing like his blood was shed for the remission of our sins. 


Traditional teaching ignores this principle.


All scriptures referenced come from the KJV.  You will need to get your Bible on this one; any electronic version will not do.  Have you ever noted the footnotes in the center of the Bible?  The editorial team, who translated the Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew, took special care in putting together these special references to help the believer get a deeper understanding of God’s word.


In this article, it will be demonstrated that by using these reference scriptures, the believer can conclude that healing is not only part of the Atonement, but Jesus reinforced this prophesy through the demonstration of Communion.  Although the disciples didn’t understand at the time, he was predicting the events leading up to His death.  By enduring pains of torture and shedding blood, He took on the sickness and sin for mankind paving the way for reconciliation to the Father. 




  2. people should start teaching these things coz most of us are not aware anymore

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