Posted by: ucanwalkonwater | January 6, 2011

Kingdom Authority is published!

Hello Family,

My first book, Kingdom Authority: Boost Your Spiritual Power Through Connection to the Father, is the first of its kind on the subject.  The DISCIPLE is empowered to operate in the same authority as Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission.  In this book, the principles of Kingdom Authority will be explained so the DISCIPLE will:

  • understand that the battlefield is in the spirit realm
  • unlock revelation knowledge in Scripture by examining key words in the original Greek
  • be equipped to discern manipulating spirits
  • face and repent of any sin that may inhibit authority over demonic influences
  • be rooted with foundational Scriptures so as not to be swayed by different doctrines

Understanding the principles of Kingdom Authority lays the foundation into Holy Communion, Atonement, healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare.  Dedicate yourself to the principles for three months, implement them for a year, and change your life forever.


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