Divine Healing

Sickness, which is NOT of God, comes to make us weak or to shorten our lives, rendering us unable to fulfill His purpose.  For those who believe in Christ, healing through divine impartation (direct touch of the Holy Spirit) or inspiration (of the Holy Spirit into a physician) brings glory to God.  Regardless of the outcome of a physical condition, by meditating on God’s Word the spirit will be healed as faith is increased, developing intimacy with Him.













Preparation for Healing:  Prayer for physical healing alone may be a symptom of the problem.  The root cause of a physical sickness may be a broken or unhealed spirit. 

·       Affirm or reaffirm salvation from eternal damnation by believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 

      John 3:14-18, 5:39-40 ; Romans 10:8-13

·       Confess all sins.

      James 5:14-16; 1 John 1:8-10

·       Forgive those who have hurt you so Jesus can forgive your sin and hear your prayer. 

      Matthew 6:14-15,  8:27; Luke 6:37; Ephesians 4:31-32

·       Repent (turn away) from sin and avoid temptation. 

      Psalm 66:18; Luke 5:32, 13:5,8; Acts 2:38; James 4:7; 2 Peter 3:9

·       Break generational curses by forgiving the sins of your family. 

      Exodus 20:4-6; Numbers 14:18, Psalms 79:8, Jeremiah 3:24-25

·       Pray for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5,8) to be enabled with power to fight the sickness and serve as a witness to the Gospel (Acts 4:29-33) through the healing process.


·        It is God’s will that every believer walks in divine health spiritually, mentally, and physically.

·        God can heal the unbeliever as a witnessing tool for evangelism.

·        God loves us and does not want us to suffer in our sickness.

·        If physical healing does not manifest, God is still sovereign.  It does not mean we don’t have enough faith.

·        We shall do our part in divine health by not worrying and relieving stress, as well as maintain proper diet, rest, and exercise.  Why make it easy for satan to attack the body?

·        We shall not walk or be subject to condemnation if sickness is a result of sin.  If it is the fault of ancestors or a loved one, we must forgive them and release those sins to the Lord.

·        Seeking medical treatment does not mean lack of faith in the Lord.  Use discernment regarding medicine and medical treatment to improve the quality of life.

·        Sowing into a preacher/ministry does not guarantee healing from the Lord (especially if it is done out of pressure or impulse); healing can’t be purchased.


Please review this outstanding teaching on divine healing from Brother Curry Blake, overseer of John G. Lake Ministries.  This teaching has changed my perspective on healing.  (Published with permission) 


Being Led by the Spirit

 John G Lake Divine Healing Secrets


Killing Sacred Cows














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