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HIV/AIDS Commentary: What you don’t ask can kill you

janets-story.pdf   Download this article to read Janet’s Story.


I attended an AIDS conference last week.  I learned how AIDS was the leading cause of death in African American women.  I learned about statistics.  I heard the testimony of a young man who was in denial for two years, when he was informed he was HIV positive.  He was very sick and went to the hospital many times.  It wasn’t until after several trips to the hospital a nurse wanted to test for HIV . . .  and that’s when reality set in and he burst out in tears.  A homosexual man who attended the conference testified that most of the men who approached him where in the church AND were married.  AIDS is a gay man’s disease right?

What made me put a face to AIDS was when I heard a testimony from a woman named Janet Hall.  She was diagnosed with HIV over three years ago after contracting the virus from a boyfriend.  He told her he tested negative for it when he left prison.  As she shared her story, her eyes filled with tears.  It wasn’t the tears that she is living with a deadly disease.  The tears came from the betrayal . . . for not asking THE QUESTION . . . for not asking for verification. 

Janet is like many single women: we want to love and be loved.  Money, career, and fortune is nice but doesn’t compare to sharing the love with a man.  However, with more and more African American men having sex with other men and THEN having sex with heterosexual women, it is no reason why AIDS is an epidemic in our culture.  I don’t need some PhD from the CDC to tell me that AIDS is an epidemic in the African American culture.

Hepatitis C is also major issue among the African American culture.  Why is Hep-C important?  It attacks the liver.  If you are HIV positive and/or have herpes you will have to take a cocktail of drugs, which puts stress on the liver.  Imagine you are middle class or on the poverty level and need to buy these drugs.  Even with government help, you won’t get the quality care like someone who has money.  But then, what is the cost of the quality of life?

African Americans need to be proactive with our heath and take care and pride concerning our well being. 

  • The only 100% guarantee from AIDS and other STDs is abstinence PERIOD.
  • If you do have sex (and intend to use a condom) PLEASE get an STD and AIDS report.  A bank won’t loan money to you unless they do a credit check.  Federal and State Governments as well as most employers are asking for a background check before hiring you.  So, you shouldn’t have sex with anyone without an AIDS/STD report.

What you don’t ask (and verify) can kill you.

The church better wake up and stop preaching the prosperity gospel.  What good is it when people are the WALKING DEAD?  Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life.  Abundant life is not a BMW or a 500k home.  It is free from the cares and desires of this world.

I’m putting together a guide to help us get better clarity to the disease and set in motion a plan to prevent new cases of AIDS and control the number of people already infected.  If you have any advice, literature, or guidance all comments are welcome.  If we don’t approach this demon with the love of Christ, we are all lost.


Download the attachment to read Janet’s story.  Please forward this story to all your friends.

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HIV/AIDS News Alert: Reuse of syringes and vials in hospitals

The city of Las Vegas shut down the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada last Friday after state health officials determined that six patients had contracted hepatitis C because of unsafe practices including clinic staff reusing syringes and vials. Over 40,000 patients are affected.   Check out the news links below.

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Cornerstone of Divine Healing

This ministry was created to serve as an alternative to traditional teaching regarding divine healing.  Topics posted are those close to my heart as well as those I feel impressed into my spirit as lead by the Holy Spirit.  The primary focus of this ministry is to teach the principles of divine healing according to God’s word and Jesus’ example.  Divine healing does exist and God still performs miracles through the Holy Spirit.  If you or a loved one is stricken with an illness, handicap, or disability let me encourage you that through this teaching, your faith will be increased.  Don’t look to your condition; look first into your spirit for healing.  God loves you and wants you to know Him through His word. 

The idea of ucanwalkonwater is a reflection of my personal testimony.  The name was chosen in remembrance of the event where Peter defied the natural laws of nature to walk on water to meet Jesus.  This event was recorded in Matthew 14:22-36, Mark 6:45-51, and John 6:16-21.  

VISION:  If you keep your eyes on Jesus, you can achieve the impossible.



Peter achieved the impossible when he walked on water.



My personal journey into the healing ministry started early in 2007 when it was discovered I had fibroid tumors so large that the total weight was equivalent to the size of a four month old fetus.  I was cautioned that  removing the fibroids could result in removing the whole uterus.  That did not agree with my spirit.  I immediately went into study for healing.  I studied books and researched every scripture to ensure it was used in the proper context.  Before my surgery I had to do a pre-visit with my doctor.  She again expressed the possibility of my uterus being removed.  I told her that I had confidence she will remove what didn’t belong.  (It wasn’t until weeks later I realized I had prophesized the outcome of the surgery.)  My surgery was a success, so much that when friends visited me in the hospital I didn’t look like someone who had major surgery.  It was like visiting someone who was in bed.  My recovery time was miraculous.  Jesus kept me in perfect peace during that period.



During that time my dad suddenly became ill and almost died of pneumonia.  He was 77 and had dimensia.  During that time I was in such shock, I couldn’t pray but I could read the Bible.  I knew it was an attack of the enemy to shake my faith.  I continued to study God’s word.  God’s word spared him from death.  He stayed in the hospital for five weeks and eventually went into a nursing home.  He was in and out of the hospital for months thereafter.  At the time of this posting, he is still in the hospital.  The doctors had written him off months ago, yet dad continues to be a living miracle.  That time allowed me to witness to him where we prayed the prayer of salvation together.  As we look to the future, it is my prayer and desire for him is that he is at peace for as long as he is with us.



I had discovered in my study there were various schools of thought regarding divine healing.  I examined these teachings, verified them against the word of God and through the Holy Spirit, I now have a deeper understanding on what divine healing really is and putting it into proper perspective with respect to today’s medical challenges.  As you are reading this post, I hope you get a deeper revelation into your situation.  Remember, Jesus addressed each situation differently.  Some were a result of sin, some were demon possessed, and some had birth defects.  In every situation, Jesus addressed the spiritual brokenness before physical healing manifested.



The Holy Spirit led me to the scriptures as the cornerstone of ucanwalkonwater healing ministry:

  • God’s Word as power.  Psalm:107:20; John 1:1-14
    • Why Jesus came to the earth:  To demonstrate that God’s Word has power.  Jesus accomplished this through various demonstrations of healing and miracles.
  • Healing is part of the Great Commission.  Mark 16:15-18
  • Acts 4:29-33.  Baptism of the Holy Spirit gives the believer power to:
    • walk in the knowledge of God
    • to heal
    • boldly preach the Gospel
    • walk on God’s grace

When I received revelation for this healing ministry, knowledge of what I needed to do became clear.  I ask that you keep me in prayer as I continue to study God’s word and deliver a message in season to meet your need.  I’m a student of the Bible and I will continue to be one until He calls me home.


I don’t know what your need is.  Let me encourage you to know God’s word regarding healing.  As you read these blogs, you will begin to develop your own scriptures for healing.  I want you to know God’s word for yourself and not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. 

Thought for meditation:  The Word of God is life.  Proverbs 4:20-22


If you have comments about this blog I welcome them, but keep it positive.  Any negative, rude, or otherwise disrespectful comments are not of God and will be ignored.  Don’t waste your time sending me these messages and I won’t waste my time deleting them.  If you believe I’m way off track, you are welcome to search other websites that are in line with your beliefs.  I am open to receive positive, intelligent dialogue on the topics I discuss on this program.  All supporting arguments should be supported by scripture, not on your opinions.  If I am in error, correct in love. 

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Healing Rooms

I wanted to get practical teaching/instruction on divine healing, especially get experience praying for others.  At the time, I could not travel, so I asked the Lord to make provision for me to get this instruction in my local area.  He answered my prayer!  I was led to a website,   I learned about healing rooms where people went to pray for different conditions and situations.   What I found was truly amazing.  There were healing rooms all over the world as well as on-line teaching.

I found a church in my area and visited there on a Tuesday night.  I found the people to be friendly and knowledgeable.  The concept of healing rooms came from John G. Lake, known as, God’s Apostle to Africa.  You may read his bio at the following link

I was prayed over concerning my dad and my call to the healing ministry.  I shared my knowledge of healing with the prayer team.  They encouraged me to get more information regarding serving on their team.  This is a wonderful opportunity for me to get practical training in healing, while gaining experience in praying for others.  I’ve have a love for people and desire to see souls saved.  I’ve seen miracles work in my life and I want to share the love of Jesus and His healing power with others.  

Read my blog, Cornerstone for Divine Healing to get my personal testimony. 

For more information, contact  Let me know what you think.

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A new season . . .

This week I’ve recorded my first sermon.  I was really proud.  The quality of sound was good, the format was good, even the teaching was good.  I shared the audio clip with a friend.  She thought the message was good, yet she had a question for me.  She asked, “Why did you start Ucanwalkonwater Ministry?”  I said, I started the ministry based on healing.  Then it occured to me that my previous postings were slightly off-track with the original purpose of this ministry:  teach  basic principles on divine healing.  So I removed all posts not related to healing.  I will do my best to keep on track with the theme on healing.  Stay tuned.

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AIDS Awareness and Free Testing in High School

Hello Everyone,

I’m working with my daughter on a project for AIDS awareness and free testing in high school.  Let’s face it, our children are having sex too young and they don’t know that they are risking their lives.   We must teach our children about abstinence and the truth about having unprotected sex. 

I would also seeking information for free testing and counseling.  No one should live with this disease by themselves.  If you or someone you know have sponsored such a program at a high school, let me know. 

February 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
March 10 is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Web Link:

I will be meeting an AIDS community director on Thursday.  I will keep you informed on the outcome of the meeting.

Check out the following YouTube clips:

ONE in THREE black men in Washington, DC is HIV positive.

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Silent demon: HIV/AIDS in the church

Hello Everyone! 

As I am putting the finishing touches on my blog page I want to connect with you concerning a serious topic in the church:  AIDS awareness.  I am gathering information for people who have HIV/AIDS .  Why write about such a topic?  Because the church has either neglected the issue or not properly addressed it.  We need to have open dialogue as well as open hearts to those who are hurting so they can be comforted.  People need education, finances, advice, prayer and any other support out there from a CHRISIAN perspective.  If we have any chance of fighting AIDS, we will need the help of Jesus.  All verified information will be published at a later date.

Also, I am organizing an HIV/AIDS awareness drive in a local high school.  If you or anyone have experience in this, please let me know. 

Please do not include comments debating how someone got this disease.  This is an ongoing process, but it is my desire to help, not judge.   If one life can be saved, this blog is worth it.  Please include your e-mail so I may communicate with you offline.  Thanks.

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