Prayer Requests

Do you have a prayer request regarding your healing?  Add it here and I will pray for you.





  1. My name is Dallas. I am now 52. My life has been filled with my 3 sisters being molested on several occassions and I was present but no memories. There is my brothers sucide my sisters attempt, now scitzophrenic and other mental stuff. Mom’s promescuity and divorce from my dad and her nervous breakdown a few times. Raised in legalism and mama’s dominant in family. Men had no authority. I am a born again christian and have just experience a healing of rejection and hurts going back to when I was a child. I feel clean and am experiencing Gods Awsome love. I still have this thing where I want to impress the opposite sex and seek their attention and want to be accepted by them. I act embarrasingly stupid and flirt and then can’t seem to stop. I am going thru the 7 steps to freedom book with a couple of ladies at church but the breakthrough was through Jack Taylor’s bible conference at our church. I’m just learning of Kingdom Authority and I want it and am studing about it so I can live and walk in it. Please pray that all the junk holding me back from being who God created me to be will be removed so that I can accomplish what he’s put me here for without dishonoring him in any way. I have the deepest desire to please Jesus please help me. Ms Dallas Shields Gilmer, TX

  2. Dallas,

    Based on your prayer request I encourage you to first forgive your family. Don’t look to the action, but the spirit behind the action. Then forgive yourself. Rejection is a very powerful emotion and satan uses that emotion to manipulate you. Being rejected as a child left a void in your life where you need to be loved. You go from one relationship to another to fill that void. Allow God to love you first. Remember, Jesus died for you and the ultimate love is that He laid down His life for you.

    You can’t love another if you don’t love yourself. This means that you are a woman of worth, not to be taken for granted. (Proverbs 31)

    I will search for Scriptures to help encourage you. In the meantime, read a chapter of Proverbs corresponding to the day of the month. For example, for the 20th day in the month read Proverbs 20.

    Be blessed and write to me as soon as you can. I want to know how you are doing.

  3. Please pray that God will completely free me from caffeine addiction. I’ve been drinking coffee for many years, and it scrambles my mind and causes depression. Pray that He’ll restore the faith and hope and determination for quitting, because I’ve tried many times in the past. Pray that He’ll heal me with His power, quickly, that He’ll free me from all withdrawal symptoms, and that I’ll quickly feel and experience all the freedom I should from being free from caffeine. Pray that His power will stay with me for a long time to protect me from ever returning to it, and if I do backslide, pray that He’ll be there even more powerfully to bring me back.

    • Brother Seth,
      In Jesus’ name you are free from caffene addition. I sense you don’t really like the taste of coffee. The question is why do you drink coffee. Do you sleep well at night? Are there situations and people in your life that are keeping you from your proper rest, leaving you sleepy in the morning? Begin to fast from coffee. Start off with one day. After talking your doctor, take vitamin B-12 and Ginko for energy and memory in substitute for coffee. Stop drinking sodas. During your day of fast, pray Psalm 27 for encouragement and Psalm 91 for protection. If you must drink something hot, drink peppermint tea. Just like salvation begins with a step so shall your deliverance from caffene. Keep me posted as I will continue to pray for you. Walk in victory!

  4. I’ve been suffering from skin disorder (PSORIASIS) for 15 years now, and this year is the most divastating one for me, it now almost covered my entire body.. it’s so painful that I can’t sleep at night, and it’s also itchy when the skin scales out or flakes out… I covet your constant prayer for me that God will inatatnly heal me from this skin disorder.. in JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME!!!

  5. Please pray for me to stop drinking any alcohol to hide my pains and denials. I am only 27 and is in graduate school now. I do not want to ruin my dreams if I continue doing this and that. I feel guilty for doing that and cannot stop rewinding what happened to me in my head. I really want to stop drinking alcohol but I cannot do this alone… Please sent God to heal my heart and forgive my failing sins. Please give me a sign that I will stop drinking alcohol and be a strong person again in front of the world. Thank you, in Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

    • Sis Jessica,

      What is the source of your pain? Do you feel loved? Know that the Lord loves you. I read from your request that you’re in graduate school. To get this far in your education says that He has a plan for your life. What is your negative self-talk? Do you feel you are not worthy? Not deserving of success? Who are you allowing to speak into your life? Do they drink? You have a great deal to offer the world and hiding away behind alcohol will not solve your problem. Remaining friends who drink will not help with your pain.

      Alcohol is not the source of your problem. The source of your pain is the problem. Addressing your pain is the first step toward your healing. May the Lord give you comfort and peace. My book will help you look at yourself, forgive others who have hurt you, and transform your mind into the image of Christ. Click on the link below for more information. Please stay in touch as I want know how you are doing. Your healing is a process. Be blessed.


  6. please pray for my son jenson,who is sick now for his healing. He needs to be free and come back to the LORD for His will and HIS PURPOSE

    • Brother Mathew,

      I stand and agree for healing for your son. Continue to love him. Stand and know that he is in God’s hands. Reflect on Psalm 91 for protection and Psalm 27 for encouragement.

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